November Newsletter of Eigen Network

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2 min readDec 3, 2022


Where Smart Contract Becomes Private

This is our monthly progress report, please check out the updates on product, technology, and community building.

Development & Product Spotlight 🕵️‍♂️

  1. Eigen hybrid proof system optimization.
  • Implement the first rusty pil-stark, including PIL Codegen, Arithmetization of Permutation Check, Connection and Lookup on PIL, Cooly Tukey FFT, and Merkle Hash on Fields BN128.
  • Fix bugs for pil-stark.

2. Eigen zkRollup Node:

  • Research cutting-edge zkevm-node;
  • Finish development of Eigen Node’s RPC server;
  • Design the integration of Eigen ZKit as prover;

3. Eigen DKey:

  • The Dkey chrome extension development finished 60%;
  • Implement signature recovered only by key owner on GG18 protocol;
  • Design key refreshment;

4. zk random:

  • Research the state of the art on zk random.

Media Highlights 🚀

  1. New partnerships with Amos. Amos is Web3 Private Storage, and Eigen will cooperate with Amos over decentralized encryption service and data existing and integration proof.
  2. Eigen Founder Stephen attended TokenDance 2022, and hosted the Private and ZK Panel with guests from Oasis, Manta Network, and StarkWare China.
  3. New publishing. We are writing a series of posts on the Zero Knowledge Proof, from 101 to the latest protocols, like Plonk, Halo2, and Nova.

Contribute to Eigen 🤝

Privacy is essential to the security and adoption of Web3, from Defi to NFTs and beyond. Eigen Network brings cost-effectiveness and privacy to Ethereum and will be foundational to the next generation of successful Web3 applications.

About Eigen Network

Build a private transaction layer for EVM compatible blockchain, using ZK-ZKRollup.

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