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2 min readJun 1, 2022


This is our monthly progress report, please check out the updates on product, technology, and community building.

Development & Product Spotlight 🕵️‍♂️

  1. The Eigen MultiSig Wallet NCW:
  • NCW common module governance rolled out. Every Governance Token Holder can vote themselves or delegate their votes to others. More details can check out here.
  • EigenSecret Dashboard UX optimization and Bugfix.

2. ZK-ZRU:

  • Design review, and Proof of concept for ERC20, ERC721, and Swap.
  • Migrate ZK-ZRU circuits compilation and proving to EigenZKit. EigenZKit is a ZK DAPP development toolkit, enabling the developer to write circuits(R1CS) by Circom, transpile the circuits to PLONKish Arithmetization, optimize the proving with the Lookup table and aggregation proof, and finally generate the solidity verifier.
  • Confidential ERC20, with capabilities of encrypted balance and stealth address development;
  • Operator development;

3. Multisig Wallet integration with Defi Protocols:

  • Swap: Implemented, tested, and launched
  • Liquidity mining: implemented, tested, and ls launching
  • Borrow & lending: Designing

Media Highlights 🚀

  1. New domain name EIGEN.CASH has been adopted to boost the brand image.
  2. New publishing. We are writing a series of posts of the Zero Knowledge Proof, from 101 to the latest protocols, like Plonk and Halo2.

Contribute to Eigen 🤝

Privacy is essential to the security and adoption of Web3, from Defi to NFTs and beyond. Eigen Network brings cost-effectiveness and privacy to Ethereum and will be foundational to the next generation of successful Web3 applications.

We are looking for some fantastic people to help build our team. Below we will have all of our active roles, please apply if you are interested in any of them.

` Full-stack engineers

` Solidity developers

` NodeJS developers

` Backend engineers

Come and join us! You are always welcome to join our discord to chat with team members. If you are interested in Eigen Network, contact us directly.

About Eigen Network

Eigen is the first private computing network on Layer 2. Powered by the FL and Hardware-software synergy, moving value from web2.0 to web3.0, by building a new creator economy.

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