June Newsletter of Eigen Network

Once a month, we update the community on what we’ve up to lately, product development, articles and engagement opportunities.

June’s Privacy Spotlight 💻


This month we’ve finished (EGIP-00001) developing the demo privacy operators based on EigenCC.

We also launched our confidential contract MVP with EVM compatibility on Arbitrum, one of the widely used Optimistic Rollup protocols.

We refined the design of privacy-preserving Smart Contract with ZKP Mixer technology and EigenCC (EGIP-00002).

Eigen FL

Eigen Federated Learning is our superstar product facing data privacy protection in the future. We adopted protocol MAABE-YJ14 as a re-proxy encryption scheme and spent a lot of time on achieving Fair Exchange on aggregated data value this month.

Eigen CC

EigenCC is constructed based on EigenTEE technology which can implement complex operations such as confidential smart contracts and AI model training oracles.

We upgraded the Remote Attestation from EPID to DCAP and developed the privacy operators according to EGIP-00001.


Our FIRST product EigenSecret is under design which can protect your transfer amount and nobody can scan it.

We’ve finished the product demo and started development it, EigenSecret is expected to be available in late July.

Media Highlights 📺

The head of Eigen China, Kiwi was invited to the “2021 Blockchain Industry Impact Summit” and gave a speech: What are we talking about exactly when we mentioned Privacy Computing?

Eigen Team started a study channel to share knowledge about “Privacy Computing”. We’ve shared nine cards this month which are surrounding technology of privacy computing.

Lots of people think Privacy Computing is a new industry and a little hard to understand deeply, Eigen’s media decided to become a communicator to help guys know it easily through an easy-to-understand way. We’ve written a few articles in June, hope you guys love it and connect us anytime if any suggestions.

Contribute to Eigen 🗣

Welcome to join us!

Full stack engineers, Solidity Developers, and NodeJS developers and backend engineers are warmly welcomed to join us and build the Eigen Network together.

About Eigen Network👏

Eigen is the first private computing network on Layer 2. Powered by the FL and Hardware-software synergy, moving value from web2.0 to web3.0, by building a new creator economy.

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