January Newsletter of Eigen Network

Eigen Network
2 min readJan 31, 2023

This is our monthly progress report, please check out the updates on product, technology, and community building.

Development & Product Spotlight 🕵️‍♂️

  1. Eigen hybrid proof system optimization.
  • Implement the second stark proof from the previous 2-layer(one stark + one snark), still staying tuned.
  • Implement Circom circuit and input Json generation over Goldilocks.

2. Eigen zkRollup Testnet:

3. ZK PPC.

  • Optimize general KYC scheme by ZKP with zkPass, including public input compression, and padding combination.
  • Design updates: replace the encryption scheme of confidential payment with commitment, and reduce the operations over the elliptic curve group.

Media Highlights 🚀

  1. Announce the new partnership with zkPass.
  1. Attend the roadshow at Pow’er Hong Kong Web3 Summit, and the Demo Day of Moonshot Winter Hackathon as the earliest member.
  2. Attend ETH research grant round 1 grantee demo day, the live broadcast on Binance has more than 2,000 views, and we rank №1 during the voting round.

Contribute to Eigen 🤝

Privacy is essential to the security and adoption of Web3, from Defi to NFTs and beyond. Eigen Network brings cost-effectiveness and privacy to Ethereum and will be foundational to the next generation of successful Web3 applications.

About Eigen Network

Build a private transaction layer for EVM-compatible blockchain, using ZK-ZKRollup.

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