February Newsletter of Eigen Network

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2 min readMar 2


This is our monthly progress report, please check out the updates on product, technology, and community building.

Development & Product Spotlight 🕵️‍♂️

  1. Eigen hybrid proof system optimization.
  • Implement recursive FRI argument, sample;
  • Migrate Hermez zkVM SM on Layered Proof System, sample;
  • Perf test on heavy workloads(like Hermez zkVM), and analyze the bottleneck, is designing the precompiled arithmetization solution.

2. Eigen zk-zkRollup Testnet(Will launch in April):

  • Develop the private state model, implement the circuit, and unit test.
  • [WIP] Develop UX, DApp’s backend.

3. ZK PPC.

  • Release zk KYC SDK for partners.
  • [WIP]Start to make a survey on the private transaction’s integration with other bridge protocol and contract wallets.

Media Highlights 🚀

  1. New Product Corporation LegalNOW, co-built with Legal DAO, was announced on Valentine’s Day.
  2. New post about Eigen Proof System: https://eigenlab.medium.com/eigen-proof-system-design-philosophy-bbc05a6c3b2f

Contribute to Eigen 🤝

Privacy is essential to the security and adoption of Web3, from Defi to NFTs and beyond. Eigen Network brings cost-effectiveness and privacy to Ethereum and will be foundational to the next generation of successful Web3 applications.

About Eigen Network

Build a private transaction layer for EVM-compatible blockchain, using ZK-ZKRollup.

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