Eigen Weekly Report — 06.21:The new learning channel has been opened

I Project progress

· Eigen Rollup

  1. EGIP-00001:Finished developing the demo privacy operators based on EigenCC for Arbitrum, including adding new opcode in Solidity, Arb-OS and Arb Virtual Machine; Refine the external call in EGIP
  2. EGIP-00002:Refine the design of privacy-preserving Smart Contract with ring signature and EigenCC

· EigenFL

  1. Adopted MAABE-YJ14 as our re-proxy encryption scheme;
  2. Discuss the fair exchange on aggregated data value;

· EigenCC

  1. Developing the privacy operators according to EGIP-00001.
  2. Design of using DCAP as Remote Attestation, replacing the EPID method;

II Community

Github Commits: 6

Twitter Fans:1257(-203)

Telegram Fans:2522(-48)

WeChat Fans:45(+3)

III News

We started a new study channel to share knowledge about Privacy Computing and Layer2. We will tweet a card every workday and share it in our telegram synchronized.

Until today, we’ve talked about the definition of privacy computing and how it impacts individuals and companies.

Next, we will spend a few weeks explaining several technology directions in an easy way.

Fellow our twitter and join our telegram!

About Eigen Network

Eigen is the first private computing network on Layer 2. Powered by the FL and Hardware-software synergy, moving value from web2.0 to web3.0, by building a new creator economy.

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